Underdog Innovation Inc.


We are on a mission to enable the next wave of digital entrepreneurship by empowering America's Underdogs.


Funded by apprenticeships, apparel sales, and donations, we provide resources and support for individuals in digital entrepreneurship, career navigation, and skill development. 


We are dedicated to empowering professionals by providing tailored mentoring and access to resources in the fields of design, product management, digital marketing, and software engineering. Our organization serves as a catalyst for growth and innovation, supporting individuals as they navigate their respective industries and develop the skills necessary for success.


Design & Research: Unleashing Creativity and User-Centered Solutions

We believe that design has the power to shape experiences and drive impact. Through our mentoring programs, we pair professionals with experienced design mentors who offer guidance, insights, and industry best practices. Additionally, we provide access to a rich library of design resources, including tools, templates, and case studies, enabling individuals to explore their creativity and develop user-centric design solutions.


Product Management: Guiding Vision into Reality

Product management is the art of transforming ideas into tangible products. Our organization offers dedicated mentoring in product management, connecting professionals with seasoned product managers who provide valuable advice and strategic direction. Moreover, we provide access to a comprehensive collection of resources, such as frameworks, methodologies, and case studies, empowering individuals to navigate the complex product development journey with confidence.


Digital Marketing: Driving Growth and Engagement

In today's digital landscape, effective marketing strategies are paramount for success. Through our mentoring programs, professionals receive personalized guidance from experienced digital marketers who help them navigate the intricacies of digital marketing. Additionally, we offer access to a wide range of resources, including industry reports, digital marketing tools, and expert-led webinars, empowering individuals to enhance their digital marketing skills and drive growth and engagement for their businesses or brands.


Software Engineering: Building Innovative Solutions

Software engineering is the backbone of digital innovation. Our organization provides mentoring opportunities for professionals seeking to enhance their software engineering expertise. Through one-on-one guidance from experienced software engineers, individuals gain valuable insights, industry best practices, and tailored feedback on their projects. Furthermore, we offer access to a comprehensive collection of resources, including coding tutorials, libraries, and development frameworks, enabling professionals to build innovative and scalable solutions.

Apply for our Apprenticeship program and gain access to valuable resources in design, product management, digital marketing, software engineering and entrepreneurship. Or, reach out to us to get involved as a professional.

Together, we will empower professionals to reach new heights, foster innovation, and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.